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Vassall Investigation - 30th December 2011

Avon Paranormal Team - Vassall Centre

The team were lucky enough to be invited into The Vassall Centre to conduct an investigation. Over the years, various stories have been told regarding apparent paranormal activity, and we relished the challenge of proving or disproving this activity.

Some of the alleged activity included a piece of computer equipment moving some distance off of a desk in one of the offices; a figure of a man seen in one of the corridors; a nurse seen in a corridor; and there had been one odd photograph taken by a member of staff.

We arrived at our location at 20:00hrs, met with the caretaker who was to join us for the investigation along with his partner, and we were walked around the building and shown where the main areas of activity were. During the walk around we set up trigger objects for reviewing later.

The conference room was hoped to be an interesting area as the caretaker had previously had an experience there himself. He witnessed a shadow outside the window, yet on investigating, no one was there. He was able to photograph this shadow which has proved a very interesting piece of evidence we were unable to debunk.

While investigating this room, several team members reported feeling cold breezes, and at one point one of our trigger objects, a wind chime, appeared to move on its own. We cannot be definite that this was not caused by a draft, therefore are not able to say this was anything paranormal.

The corridor opposite the conference room was also an area of interest to us. The caretaker again reported feeling very uneasy in this area of the building. At one point one member of the team reported seeing what they thought could have been a dark shadow. The area in general was very dark, so we again are not certain if this was something to be excited about. It was also reported in this area, that team members developed headaches and noted a very heavy feeling, which disappeared once they left, so that was certainly something to think about.

Avon Paranormal Team - Vassall Centre

Our other main area was the far end of the corridor where the nurse has been seen. Again, it appeared to be very quiet, and although no team members saw anything we did have an unusual experience while there. One group began calling out to the nurse asking her to try to make contact, whilst another member suddenly got the name ‘Helen’, so asked if this was the name of the nurse.

Avon Paranormal Team - Vassall Centre

Almost immediately the group all began reporting having tingling feelings up their arms, upper body and spreading to their legs. Every time ‘Helen’ was called out, the feelings got stronger, and the team agreed that the feeling was like having an “electric hug”. This proved to be very thought provoking, but very personal to each member so not hard core evidence.

We decided to end the investigation at about 03:30hrs

On review of our audio and video footage we found several interesting EVPs. One of our cameras was left running in the conference room with no one present and caught what sounds like a female voice. Another clear female vocal was caught in one of the corridors, and again in the conference room while asking for a name. Our cameras caught some bright strange moving orbs, although we put most of these down to dust or bugs.

We would like to thank everyone at The Vassall Centre for giving us the opportunity to investigate there.