Equipment Equipment we use.

Below is a small selection of the equipment we use on our Paranormal Investigations

Avon Paranormal Team Trigger Objects
  • Trigger Objects
  • These are a very basic bit of kit, and any object can in fact be used.
  • The principle here is to mark the initial position and see if there has been any change. This can be done with pencil, or perhaps talcum powder.

Avon Paranormal Team Digtal Camera
  • Digital Cameras
  • Used for all the investigations to record events as the teams go.
  • Simple to transfer data from camera to PC, but some skeptics believe any images caught are too easy to fake digitally.

Avon Paranormal Team Microphone
  • Microphones
  • Usually set up in a known "hotspot" to record areas when teams are not about and analysed post investigation.
  • Ideal for recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs)when used in conjunction with the dictaphones.
Avon Paranormal Team walkie-talkie
  • 2way Radio Systems
  • Whenever we are on an investigation we split into teams. 2ways are an essential way of keeping in touch should any problems arise.
  • Also very useful when an area becomes very active so kit can be brought from the hub.
Avon Paranormal Team Camcorder
  • Digital Camcorders
  • These can be used on investigations to record events as the team goes, but can also be used to record areas when teams are not about.
  • Additionally they can be mounted on a tripod and put in a "locked off" area to record any activity.
Avon Paranormal Team Dictaphone
  • Digital Dictaphones
  • These are another basic bit of kit which many investigators start with, they start around £20 for something reasonable and can go into the £100s.
  • Easily portable can record whole investigations and often pick up EVPs not heard by the human ear.
Avon Paranormal Team laptop
  • Laptop/PC
  • This is usually set up in the main hub and has the infra-red cameras feeding directly into it.
  • Great for real-time analysis, but also records the full investigation for more detailed post-investigation analysis.
Avon Paranormal Team Infra Red Camera
  • Infra-Red Cameras
  • Used for all the investigations to record events as the teams go - also are used to record areas when teams are not about
  • These can obviously see things the human eye cannot so are invaluable to any team!