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Undisclosed Location Report

Avon Paranormal Team

Please note this location is listed as "undisclosed" as the proprietors wish it to remain annonymous. We all arrived at the location at 16:45hrs and spent the next hour or so becoming familiar with the lay out of the building and setting up all our equipment.

Activity started to occur as soon as we started taking pictures, orbs were clearly visible, including a very large orange orb which at the moment we cannot explain. In one part of the building is a Chancel, two of our team felt very uncomfortable whilst in there; One complaining of head pain while the other had sinus pain. These pains ceased on leaving the Chancel.

Trigger objects (pieces of paper with an old penny on top - drawn around to note the starting position, and enable us to see if any movement has occurred) were left in different parts of the location. When these coins were checked on later in the evening, one was found to have moved approx 3cms and the position of the coin had clearly changed [see below]. There were also many noises and odd sensations noted in the stairwell.

Avon Paranormal Team

During the evening two team members were sat playing the organ in the Chancel and although several pictures were taken of them not one of these came out. After they finished pictures were again taken, on two of the pictures some of the team believe the face of a man can be seen, as with all pictures though this is down to individual interpretation. It is believed we were later able to identify this man as Rev J**** F******** who was the chaplain there in the 1880’s.

Avon Paranormal Team

During the evening we invited any spirits to make contact with us. In response to this a stone was thrown at the team sensitive and unexplained noises emitted from the radios (not normal static or feedback). Considering we were only able to investigate there for a few hours the amount of activity which occurred and evidence collected was impressive.

We all look forward to going again hopefully we will be able to investigate there longer next time.

Thank you to the APT for their continued hard work!