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Ram Inn - 16th April 2011

The Ram Inn

This was our second visit to the Ram Inn, the team arrived on location at approximately 8.30pm and met with John (the owner).

An initial walk through with everyone took place, taking pictures, temperature readings, and deciding where to put our various equipment such as cameras, digital recorders and trigger objects etc.

We split into two groups to begin with. Our first group headed to the Attic area. Various drops in temperature were noted and recorded, and our medium Terry, began picking up on an entity that wasn't very pleasant. A few members of the team reported seeing what looked like shadows down the very end of the attic area, it was at this point that Terry started to feel very uncomfortable and advised us to leave the area, as he was getting a very uneasy negative feeling.

Meanwhile, our other team had been investigating in the barn area. Again, several members had reported seeing 'shadows' in the doorway area, and another of our mediums had sensed a female spirit, who seemed to be making her authority known.

Avon Paranormal Team - RAM Inn

After leaving the attic, our first group then moved to the Witches Room. Once we had settled down, we started calling out, in the hope of getting some evp's. We had noticed quite a few 'orb' like sightings both with the naked eye and on the camera that we were using.

Terry once again, started feeling the presence of a spirit, this time he felt it was a boy, who seemed scared. We all experienced sudden drastic drops in the temperature, which made some of us actually physically shake. Terry felt the boy was hiding from someone and seemed to be focusing on the window by the bed.

Two members of the group left the room to join the others downstairs, while two remained in the Witches Room to carry on the investigation a while longer. Whilst in there, they both witnessed footsteps coming up the stairs and walking across the landing, but since then we have had confirmation that nobody came back upstairs. We have also managed to capture this on our digital voice recorders.

Avon Paranormal Tea - RAM Inn Avon Paranormal Team - RAM Inn

After having a quick 15 minute break, we all re-grouped, one team went back to the attic area and another remained in the bar area.

The group in the attic, once again, felt a presence and reported seeing several shadows in the far end.

In the bar area we started by calling out and listening. Terry connected to a female spirit and we began asking for the table to be moved in answers to our questions. We experienced a long period of time where the table moved and vibrated, and at one point started to levitate which was fantastic.

Voices were also heard in the bar area. Two members of the team clearly heard what sounded like a man sighing, and this happened on 3 separate occasions. We have also managed to capture this on our digital voice recorders which are amazing.

Avon Paranormal Team - RAM Inn

During the night, several members of the team had personal experiences which varied from becoming very emotional and tearful, to feelings of being very oppressive.

We decided to finish our investigation just after 5.30am after all agreeing we had managed to experience and collect several pieces of fantastic evidence.

The Avon Paranormal Team would like to thank John Humphries for letting us investigate his home