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Ram Inn - 17th July 2010

The Ram Inn

The team arrived at 20:00hrs and met John Humphries the owner. We commenced the investigation by walking around the grounds and the Inn to become orientated and to get a feel of the place. Setting up began at 20:30hrs, with the main hub being downstairs just outside of the bar area being monitored at all times by two people [no activity occurred in the hub itself]. Equipment covered each and every room in the building, was tested and working correctly.


This is where nearly all the activity occured. A gentleman's face was clearly seen at the window looking in from outside by two members, also several very audible male "groans" were heard.

Our medium was in contact with a lady called "Elizabeth" whom it was believed was married to, and allegedly killed by an "Edward". The information she disclosed was later verified by John, the owner of the Ram Inn.

We also had three separated occasions of table tipping with excellent results and recorded some very good orb footage.

Ram Inn


Several groups went into the barn where they experienced temperature drops and and amazing reults were achieved with the dowsing rods.


The medium felt there was a lady and a very negative man present. They were around the stairs and the landing area, and made themselves very aware to the medium, but unfortunately he could not pick up on a name.


The live feed from the camera on the windowsill in here kept jumping on the monitor, and switching its-self off and on. When two team members were sent to check on the equipment nothing happened and it was working properly. They tested the area the camera was placed, thumping it hard and trying to move it in case it was interference from outside, or vibrations from traffic, but to no avail. These two members then commenced a vigil in this room. The temperature had plunged and the atmosphere had become both icy and very heavy, both investigators, who are perhaps the more skeptical of the team, were literally shaking. Again several audible, female sighs were heard, but not caught on digital recorder and some form of strong, maybe nasty presence was felt. Within about fifteen minutes of enduring this the atmosphere lifted very suddenly and returned to the calm summers evening.

No other paranormal activity occurred in this room.


It has in the past been reported where most activity is to be found. We didn't find this to be the case during our investigation. Two of our team experienced extreme feelings of fear, feeling as though there were being totally enfolded in the dark, and two members heard a very load groan whilst photographing the room. Whilst other members when in the bishops room heard scratching at the door

We did, however, catch some interesting EVPs in here. A young girls voice was recorded on our equipment asking for her mummy, and some very heavy breathing was also picked up. Aside from the obvious dust, several interesting orbs were caught on video aswell.

Apart from these experiences and sightings of orbs there was minimal activity in this room.


The attic room camera had a night vision video camera positioned at the top of the stairs which picked up a moving orb on the stroke of 3 am (see the video below), the clock at the church can be heard in the video. interestingly this was also when the intereference was occuring with the camera in the witches room. The voices towards the end of the recording are the two team members going to investigate, with the orb heading in a down stairs direction towards them.

A voice recorder placed on the stairs to the attic clearly picked up an EVP of lady asking for help.

Whilst we were packing up all the equipment on the Sunday morning, our medium heard his name was called twice by what appeared to be a ladies voice.

The Avon Paranormal Team would like to thank John Humphries for letting us investigate his home.

We are visiting the Ram Inn again in 2011 and hopefully we will get even more evidence of activity in John's home