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The Old Post Office - 30th May 2010

We arrived at the Old Post Office at 21:30hrs and met with the owner, who informed us only that the Old Post Office had been built in 1671. We then spent the first hour familiarising ourselves with the layout of the cellar and setting up all our equipment. At approx 22:30hrs we made our way down the outside stairs to the cellar, which was made up of four separate chambers. In the first chamber was an old well, which had been covered over but we did manage to take photos of the inside. These photos unfortunately showed nothing.

The Old Post Office

Most of our equipment was set up in the last chamber as the medium strongly felt that most of the energy was located there, and if anything were to occur, then this is were it would be. In the last chamber there was an initial feeling for several of the team of "deja vu's". The medium felt that the cellar was totally separate from the old post office and that it had once been a building in its own right. He also believed that at one time it had been a priory, a fact which was later verified as research found it was originally built in the 12th century as a priory.

The Old Post Office

During the investigation we decided to walk around the grounds to see what could be picked up or found, the main occurence here was a feeling of dread and being watched.

The Old Post Office

Security lights in the grounds continued to go on and off even when nothing was near them. The medium believed that he had identified a sight that once was a grave yard. We will investigate this and update you on our findings at a later date.

Throughout the night we attempted to make contact with any spirits present by calling out, but nothing occurred. In the end we packed up at 03:00hrs after noting very little activity, although we do have several pictures showing orbs.

We would like to thank all the staff of Avon Paranormal Team for their dedication and hard work to make this event successful.

Well done everyone!