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Magpie Investigation - 11th June 2011

Avon Paranormal Team - Magpie Investigation

The team arrived on site at 20:30hrs where we met with the owner and her daughter for a brief discussion regarding any activity that had occurred recently, and to go over what access we had to the premises. We were granted full access to the building which was a total of three floors, including a cellar.

Avon Paranormal Team - Magpie Investigation

The team decided on which equipment would be best suited for this investigation; two cameras, motion detectors, wind chimes, digital cameras and our infra-red thermometer.

The Investigation started just before 22:00hrs and the team split into two groups. One group headed to the cellar and the other to the attic area on the top floor. In the cellar a few tapping sounds were heard but it remained quiet on the whole. There was nothing to report from the team in the attic area.

The team had a quick break then swapped over locations keeping to the same groups.

This time the cellar was entirely quiet with no activity reported. However, the group in the attic reported seeing what appeared to be either a girl or a small lady in a white Victorian dress. Both members of the group witnessed it, and both described the image in exactly the same way. It appeared at times to be like a ‘fuzzy cartoon’ type image.

Avon Paranormal Team - Magpie Investigation

The team finished the investigation with both groups in the attic area, one at each end. During this vigil, there was, at one point a very noticeable drop in temperature, resulting in one member of the team physically shaking, and a footstep being heard on the stairs by another member of the team, nothing else was reported.

Having looked through all our video footage and voice recordings, there were a few “orbs” to be seen , but as ever we remains sceptical regarding this type of “evidence” , these could have been dust or bugs, so we are not one hundred per cent convinced, though a couple of them do seem to move in a different way to that of bugs.

Avon Paranormal Team - Magpie Investigation

We had quite a lot of EVP’s which we were amazed at. One of our team members asked for something to be moved, thrown or dropped, and pretty much straight away you can hear a loud thud. When on the middle floor, you can quite clearly hear members of the team talking very quietly, and then in the middle of that at the same time you can hear a very loud male voice say something. It’s very close to the microphone, and after playing it back several times, we still can’t determine what it is actually saying.

Also in the attic area, team members call out and ask for a noise or knocks, to which we can clearly hear two knocking sounds being made straight after. We also have what sounds like a breath/sigh from the attic area, while all team members were downstairs.

We would like to thank the owners of the Magpie for letting us have access to such an interesting property.

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