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The George Inn - 16th November 2011

Avon Paranormal Team - George Inn

The team arrived on site just after 2030hrs. We met with the manager to clarify what access we had, and then proceeded to do a walk around, to decide where best to set up all our equipment.

We started off in the Sedgemoor room, where we had been told that a former guest woke to feel someone grabbing her face. After settling down in the room, nothing happened that we could report on, although the group all reported that at one time the room seemed to get darker than dark and a heavy atmosphere was felt.

We headed off to the Monmouth Room next. Once settled, we all again, reported how comfortable and relaxed the room felt. At one point a few of us thought we had seen ‘orb’ like lights around the table, so we decided to focus our attention around that area of the room. We started off with one member of the group, standing up at the table and calling out to the Duke of Monmouth, asking for him to instruct us on what to do. Again, several ‘orb’ like lights were seen around the table. All of the group stood around the table and began calling out as this seemed to be getting a response. At one point, two team members who were resting their hands on the table reported that they could feel very soft tickling on their hands, and at one point their hands seemed to change shape and size.

The Courtyard proved to be interesting for one group member. Whenever he was in the courtyard area, he repeated felt drawn to the bottom end, and almost had a feeling of being watched and followed. Another group member also complained of feeling dizzy and sick with a headache.

We spent a short time in the Attic area, where one group heard definite footsteps on the stairs, and although they waited, expecting to see someone come into the attic, no-one appeared. We were able to confirm after that our other group members were not in the same area, so we cannot say what this was but it did prove to be very thought provoking. Various taps, knocks and shuffling sounds were also heard in the attic.

The Coombes room is said to have the spirit of a little boy in it which has been seen by a member of staff. Two groups spent some time in there on separate occasions and we were happy to report that both groups experienced similar activity. At one point what looked like the shadow of a head popping up from the bottom of the bed was seen.

Avon Paranormal Team - The George Inn

We ended the night by all grouping together in the Abbots Room. The manager had previously told us that activity had been reported in this room quite recently. All seemed quiet for a long period of time, and then things started to happen quite quickly. All group members reported at the same time, that the darkness had got even darker, and a heavy atmosphere seemed to moving across the room. Dark shadows were instantly seen moving across the room, from various points, and this again, was experienced by all group members. At one point we all experienced strange visual activity that we have never had before. We all reported that we could see strange, coloured whirling patterns in front of us. It also felt like we could only see out of one eye. This vision seemed to be all over the room, and at times right in front of us. Several of us reported seeing the dark shadows moving again, and at one point, a solid block of light was seen by the window end of the room, that almost looked like the shape of an elbow when someone is walking. This appeared several times, and each time, it had moved across the room from where it was.

We decided to end the vigil at just after 0500hrs, after concluding that this activity was the most uniform that we have experienced. For all of us to experience the same activity at the same time was mind blowing.

We will certainly be looking forward to going back to The George to hopefully reignite the activity we experienced.

On review of our evidence we caught some very strange moving lights and orbs in the Monmouth and Abbotts Rooms which we cannot explain. The most unusual light was in the Abbotts Room when we see the light move across the screen, then one of our team sees and points to exactly where the light was. This is interesting as we had infra-red cameras and the human eye is not meant to pick this form of light up visually.

On our audio evidence there were a few EVPs, however, the one we really cannot explain is from the Coombes Room. Two of our team were calling out asking if there were any spirits with them and why they were there. This is followed by a faint but very clear voice that sounds like a child saying a sentence of about four or five words, unfortunately, we couldn’t work out what the voice was saying.

Avon Paranormal Team - The George Inn

We would like to thank The George Inn and all the staff for their hospitality and giving us access to such an amazing building.