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Ostrich Inn Investigation - 20th September 2011

Avon Paranormal Team - Ostrich Inn

The team arrived on location at approximately 22:00hrs and discussed what equipment we would use and what history we had uncovered about the building.

Once the pub closed, the landlord gave us a brief tour of the premises, pointing out the areas of interest upon which we would need to focus. These main areas being the kitchen, in which a man had been seen washing dishes and the gents toilet door in the main bar area, known to open on its own. We were also informed that a relation of the landlord had seen a little girl in the bar area.

Avon Paranormal Team - Ostrich Inn

As the landlord and some members of staff had requested to join us on our investigation, we split into three different groups. The first group started off in the downstairs bar. At first it appeared to be quiet. The group started calling out and it wasn’t long before they started to get responses. As the history of the pub involved foreign sailors especially polish nationals, the group tried calling out in Polish. Several knocks and taps were heard which appeared to be coming from the main bar itself. At one point the taps seemed to be in response to specific questions that were being asked. The atmosphere also changed, and felt very heavy and imposing.

Avon Paranormal Team - Ostrich Inn

Upstairs in the kitchen another group were beginning their vigil. This area remained pretty much quiet, although at one point the paper towel holder fell off the wall. After speaking to the landlord later, he confirmed that this is normally opened with a key and is not known to fall open, so we are not quite sure whether this was anything paranormal or not, it proved to be very interesting never the less. The cellar area of the pub was also investigated, and the group reported that nothing had occurred.

After having a break, we all swapped over areas. Again the Kitchen remained pretty quiet, and nothing was reported.

We finished the night by agreeing to concentrate in the main bar area, as this seemed to be where things were happening. We all positioned ourselves at various spots in the bar and began calling out once more. Once again very faint taps were heard, but it was felt that the energy and atmosphere was not as it was earlier in the night.

Avon Paranormal Team - Ostrich Inn

We finished our investigation at roughly 4:30am.

Once reviewing all of our video and voice recorder footage we were very surprised to find the following.

We captured several EVP’s from the upstairs area, which included what sounded like someone breathing, one of which had been mentioned at the time by a member of the team. We also captured the paper towel holder falling off the wall.

We were also absolutely stunned to find what we all agreed, was a fantastic and very clear EVP, from the bar area. You can quite clearly hear, what appears to be a little girl saying ‘hello’. Nothing was heard at the time, but this EVP is one of the clearest and most definite we have ever heard. This finding backs up the landlord’s account of his nephew seeing a small child in the same area.

We concluded that although the investigation appeared at times to be very quiet on the night, we were very successful in capturing a number of recordings that proved to be very interesting.

Once again Avon Paranormal Team would like to thank the landlord and the staff of The Ostrich, for giving us the opportunity to investigate such a fantastic location.