Investigation Report Curfew Inn Investigation

Curfew Inn - 2nd August 2012

Avon Paranormal Team - Curfew Inn Investigation

We were invited to investigate the Curfew Inn by the Landlord, following reports of strange happenings occurring there.

We arrived at our location around 10.30pm meeting the Landlord and the local customers who gave us some examples of the unexplained events. They went on to explain that keys would go missing and turning up days later in a random but visible place, shadows seen in the cellar when staff were changing the barrels and pool balls being mysteriously set up or moved when the pub had been locked up for the night.

We were given a brief tour of the pub and the team agreed on what equipment to use and where we would need to focus most. We set up cameras and trigger objects in the cellar, bar and we also placed 50p coins in a row, heads turned-up on the pool table.

Avon Paranoraml Team - Curfew Inn Investigation

We were joined by the Landlord and company for a while but after they left it was just our Team of four.

There was a little history on the pub in that it dated back to the 1800’s. Back in those days it was said that the well-to-do customers would frequent the pub via the underground passages, while the poorer people used the roads above ground, hence putting themselves more at risk of all sorts of danger. In the cellar we saw several passages but now blocked off, they were said to run all along under the town.

We split into two groups with one investigating the Cellar and the second on the 1st floor. The cellar was very unpleasant and had an uncomfortable feel/smell to it. Both teams spent about an hour in each location. We didn’t hear or see anything untoward but one strange thing did happen. One of our team suddenly found his camera was missing and when he looked for it he found it on the floor in front of the doorway. We have no idea how it got there. We didn’t hear it fall and we had only just walked out of the doorway and down the passage. We could not have avoided standing on it if it had been on the floor when we left. It remains unexplained.

Moving on to the pool room where we had set up some 50p coins in a row as trigger objects earlier, we found they were still all in the same position but one, which was turned half-way round from where it was placed?

Avon Paranormal Team - Curfew Inn Investigation

To finish the investigation we sat in the bar and did a ‘glass tipping’ session but with no results. All of our trigger objects remained in place apart from the coins on the 1st floor where there were reports of pool balls being moved when the pub was closed.

Our reviewed video footage did not pick up anything out of the ordinary but on review of our audio, we found one or two strange vocals and along with personal experiences on the night, there are still questions to be answered on the paranormal happenings at The Curfew Inn.

Avon Paranormal Team - Curfew Inn Investigation

Avon Paranormal Team would like to thank the management and staff at the Curfew Inn for inviting us to investigate.