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The Bell Hotel - 16th January 2011

Avon Paranormal Team - The Old Bell Inn

The team arrived at the venue at 21:00hrs. We met with the manager at 21:15 and he proceeded to show us around the property, and the parts to which we had access. We were also given the keys to room six where it is believed by the mediums and other members of the group, that there is a feeling of unease. This feeling of unease does, however, stretch to the whole building.

We commenced the vigil about 22:15 when we split into two groups. One group stayed in room six and the other group went into the function room. After approximately forty minutes the group in the function room moved to the breakfast room as all was quiet in the function room.

Avon Paranormal Team - The Old Bell Hotel

Meanwhile, the group in room six were feeling very anxious and sensing quite an atmosphere as lights were witnessed in the room with no explanations to what they were. We did attempt to recreate them, alas this was without success. Also the group in room six were feeling very strong, very sad, emotions; this began to affect the rest of the group as the night progressed.

Whilst in the breakfast room there was felt the presence of a woman who seemed to guide one individual back to room six. As the night progressed room six became more active. Again, lights were witnessed by most of the group and there was a sighting which resembled a woman in some form of uniform. Furthermore, one of the more sceptical members literally felt something pass through him, which left him both very shaken and drained!

At about 02:00hrs the room and building seemed to settle down, so we all decided to go back to the functions room and gather ourselves and have a break. After about twenty minutes, clear as a whistle, we all heard the sound of furniture being moved; wood furniture against a wooden floor. We were all astonished to witness this happening. Unfortunately this sound was emanating from a room we did not have access to, so the next day we contacted the manager to confirm that the floor in question was wood, to our surprise he told us that it was in fact carpet in all rooms. There was an EVP recorder running whilst this very loud noise was occurring, but on playback nothing was picked up.

As the night progressed noises became louder and as well as the furniture being moved, footsteps were also witnessed. We all went upstairs to find out where the noises were coming from, only to find the door of room six was open, the last person out of the room is sure they remember locking it and the team leader had the only key in his back pocket all the timeā€¦ the door opened? We do not know, again we tried to recreate this but wereunable to find a cause. It could have been human error or perhaps paranormal, unfortunately we were not filming the door so cannot say for sure.

The vigil finished around 05:00hrs

On reviewing the evidence we found we have numerous unexplained noises on our recorders and pictures of orbs, additionally many personal experiences were had at this event.

Avon Paranormal Team - The Old Bell Hotel

We would like to thank the manager of the Bell Hotel for his kindness and trust for letting us spend the night in what we now believe to be a haunted hotel.

As ever, I would also like to thank the team for their dedication and hard work on this event not only those present but also those who helped me and the team in the organisation to putting this event into practice.