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Arnos Manor Hotel - 10th October 2010

Arnos Manor Hotel

Arnos Manor is a well known hotel for being haunted and many paranormal groups have undertaken very successful investigations there. The APT investigation was no different from a personal experience perspective, with many of the team experienced something. Unfortunately on this occasion the evidence review turned nothing physical up.

The team members arrived from 21:00hrs, with the last member arriving at approximately 21:30hrs. A tour of the rooms/hot spots commenced. These areas being room 160, the chapel and the very dark dank area alledged to be the final resting place of a bricked up, pregnant, nun who was uncovered during war time renovations, after heavy bombing had damaged much of the property.

Arnos Manor Hotel

After a few technical hitches with the equipment everything was set and ready to go. Trigger objects were placed, in this case using old coins. Two were placed in the chapel, one in the corridor leading to the nuns area and a crucifix and video camera were placed within the nuns area. Infra-red cameras were set in the bathroom of room 160 [where it has been alleged taps have turned on by themselves], and the main area of room 160.

The investigation was then able to commence. At 23:00hrs all of the group went to the nuns area. Deciding the area too small for so many people, three investigators left to start vigil in room 160. Both groups swapped over a few hours later.

Arnos Manor Hotel

The three investigatiors now in room 160 were positioned on the bed as this is where people who claim to be affected by something usually are. One investigator seemed to the other two to be presenting with breathing problems, she complained of her chest feeling tight and sounded very wheezy [please note she does NOT suffer with any breathing problems e.g. asthma or copd which could have been exacerbated, nor does she smoke]. The three decided to leave the room and sit outside to see if the symptoms desisted, and within two minutes of exiting the room, her chest was back to normal.

Meanwhile, the three investigators who went into the nuns area started calling out. They asked anyone present to make a noise or touch someone. During their vigil several rustles were heard, and they also felt as if someone was watching them from the doorway. Additionally a lot of battery drain occured with the video camera set up in this area. Most of the investigators at different times of being present in this room felt nauseous, tight chested and generally unwell, particularly a member of the team who was pregnant - she literally could not go back in the room as it made her feel so ill. This could be due to the really damp and mouldy atmosphere and the fact it was such a small confined area.

Our sensitive team member reported that the womans presence in the nuns area was "Teresa". A mans presence was also felt, his name was "William", and it is beieved that he felt he was there to look after the woman and was quite a protective and aggressive presence. It is also believed this is not the man in the tweed jacket who has been reportedly seen in both the chapel and bar area.

After changing around again, the group now in room 160 started calling out asking for some contact. Two of the sensitive group members reported seeing a white "haze" outside of the bathroom door, both felt it was not threatening and was actually assessing their presence in the room. It was present for sometime and then just vanished. This area was checked thoroughly for any light entry points or reflections that could perhaps have caused this phenomenon, but none were found.

After a short break it was decided to call it a night and packing up began.

Finishing around 04.30hrs